9 Details (And Inside Jokes) You Might Have Missed In STRAY KIDS’ “NOEASY” Trailer

This trailer has STRAY KIDS written all over it!

STRAY KIDS dropped the trailer for their upcoming album NOEASY yesterday and fans are obsessed! This trailer has everything: action, drama, suspense, and a ton of Easter eggs for STAYs!

Left to right: Lee Know, Han, I.N, Felix, Bang Chan, Hyunjin, Seungmin, Changbin

Here is a list of 9 details you might have missed in STRAY KIDS’ jam-packed trailer!

1. Avengers Assemble!

STRAY KIDS gave fans an iconic Deadpool-inspired performance on Kingdom: Legendary War, and Bang Chan even became friends with actor Ryan Reynolds as a result!

But with NOEASY, it looks like the group took some inspiration from the Avengers series!

Lee Know fights against the Sound Monster with a shield similar to Captain America’s fighting style.

And Bang Chan’s weapon reminded fans of Rocket’s from Guardians of the Galaxy!

Bang Chan (left) and Rocket (right) | @tresrachax_/Twitter

2. Breaking the fourth wall

They definitely still have some of that Deadpool inspiration though, with Changbin breaking the fourth wall and asking why Hyunjin‘s background music was different than the rest of theirs!

“Why is only his BGM different?” 

Since Hyunjin just recently returned from a hiatus, fans loved that they included this special moment just for him!

3. I.N in the fridge

There’s one scene in the trailer where I.N is sitting inside a refrigerator…

…which is a throwback to this legendary photo of him doing the same thing!

Han (left), I.N (fridge), and Hyunjin (right). | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

The STRAY KIDS’ Twitter account posted a photo of the moment as part of their “1st Anniversary with STAY Special Gift” event in 2019.

4. Seungmin VS. Stuffed Animals

Fans often gift STRAY KIDS stuffed animals during fansign events, and Seungmin has a reputation for poking the eyes of the toys!

In the NOEASY trailer, he’s seen sticking his fingers in the eyes of a cat plushie!

5. Brownie Boy

Felix often bakes brownies for the group, to the point where the members started calling him “Brownie boy!”


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A huge fan of Felix’s brownies, Han can be seen snacking on a box of them in the new trailer!

 6. Felix’s Nervous Habit

Fans of the idol might know that Felix has a habit of checking his pulse, like this time before performing in a showcase.

He explained on After School Club that the habit comes from being nervous growing up!

It’s become a habit. I’ve always been very nervous when I was young. So I was always the shy type, and whenever I got up and someone called my name, my heart started beating faster for some reason. I guess I always wanted to check my pulse, like why it’s beating so hard.

— Felix

He checks his pulse in the trailer before firing back against the Sound Monster and defending his members!

7. “Ah, I’m hungry.”

Lee Know is notorious for always talking about food and sending STAY pictures of what he’s eating or cooking.


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In the trailer, he yells out that he’s hungry while dispatching something on the computer!

He even sent a message to fans a few days before the trailer came out that said “I’m hungry.” Who would’ve guessed that was a spoiler!

8. Jureumi

Even Jureumi makes a cameo in the trailer! Jureumi is Lee Know’s original character that he has been drawing ever since he was in elementary school.

Lee Know with a drawing of Jureumi behind him.

Lee Know paints the character over a bulletin board that seems to have information on the Sound Monster the group is fighting!

9. Man of Principle

Changbin is known for being a “Man of Principle” who stays true to himself and follows his own path! It started when the artist said, in regards to food, that you should try it yourself and form your own opinion on it, no matter what others say.

The trailer for NOEASY references his nickname, which is jutdae in Korean, with this sign inside the group’s hideout!

Check out the full trailer below!

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