10+ Devastating ARMY Reactions To The Canceled “BTS MAP OF THE SOUL” Tour

“call this one the bangtan stimulus check”

BigHit Music has announced the cancellation of BTS‘s originally planned concert for BTS MAP OF THE SOUL due to complications resulting from COVID-19.

Here are 10+ devasting ARMY reactions to the canceled tour…

1. No words

2. Bright side of things?

3. Mad respect to BTS though

4. For a lot of us, the possibilities of MOTS was our hope

5. “COVID, get the hell out!” — RM

6. We would have kept those tickets for an entire lifetime

7. In our times of struggle, RM always comes speaking words of wisdom

8. We hope that the members are okay

9. When you realize the reason why BTS keep doing virtual events and lives…

10. It deserved so much

11. Doing the right thing hurts sometimes

12. Over before it started…

13. Group hug?

14. Actually us

15. MOTS era must one day get its time to shine

16. Manifesting…

17. We will wait for BTS

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