4th Generation K-Pop Boy Groups And Girl Groups Have One Big Difference, According To The Vocal Trainer Of JYP And YG Groups

What’s your guess?

WINNER‘s HOONY (also known as Lee Seunghoon) recently interviewed singer and vocal trainer Shin Youme. She worked in JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment, training the likes of DAY6, TWICE, GOT7, and BLACKPINK, she knows the industry better than others.

At one point, she explained what she believes is the key difference between boy groups and girl groups of the latest fourth generation. Check it out below.

1. Boy Groups

First up, boy groups focus on a specific target market. Youme noticed that they often release title tracks that are hard-hitting and beat-heavy. This is because they cater their music style to their fanbase who appreciates it most.

They have a very niche fan base and create music fit to that.

— Shin Youme

Compared to girl groups, their recognition among the general public may not be as strong. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are unsuccessful.

The boy group fandom culture is much stronger.

— Shin Youme

2. Girl Groups

Girl groups, meanwhile, tend to be more famous among the masses. One of Youme’s favorite artists at the moment is NewJeans, the girl group that has achieved an all-kill on digital charts ever since their debut. She also likes fellow fourth generation groups IVE and LE SSERAFIM.

These days, I’ve been a fan of NewJeans. Their tracks are very minimalistic, right, considering they are idols. Their music is much more of an R&B style. Is very refreshing. I worried that if this group is so good, I’ll have a hard time in the industry! I’m also a fan of IVE and LE SSERAFIM. I like them all.

— Shin Youme

The senior singer noticed that girl groups of recent times release music that appeal to a wider audience compared to their male counterparts. NewJeans’ “OMG,” for instance, is described to be a “soft, minimalist R&B track.”

It’s the new fourth generation of idol groups right now. Interestingly, girl groups are more mainstream and easier to listen to. Girl groups aim for a wider fan base so they create music fit to that so I think their music is much more easy to listen to.

— Shin Youme

While boy groups and girl groups target different audiences, one is not necessarily better than the other. HOONY and Youme agreed that it is a matter of tastes, culture, and trends.

I think boy groups and girl groups have a different culture. I think the trend in music and view of the world has changed.

— Shin Youme

Check out the full video below to learn more about the K-Pop industry.

Source: YouTube
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