5 Major Differences Between BTS World And BTS’s Real Debut History

BTS WORLD seems like it could be true, but not all of it is.

Veteran ARMYs know just about everything about BTS, but newer fans are still learning all the facts. BTS’s mobile game BTS WORLD takes players back through BTS’s debut history, but much of that history is fictionalized for story purposes. Here are 5 major differences between the fictional BTS and the real BTS.


1. The timeline

In BTS WORLD, the player is sent back to 2012 to recruit and debut BTS.

In reality, Big Hit Entertainment started creating the BTS we know today back in 2010. The BTS members didn’t all join in 2010, but by 2012 they had all met each other.


2. The lineup

In both the game and reality, RM is the first member to join BTS, but that’s where the similarities end.

BTS WORLD‘s RM, SugaJ-HopeJinJiminV, and Jungkook are the founding and final members of BTS. In real life, the line up went through several changes before becoming the 7-member group we know and love. BigHit producer Supreme Boi was a founding member of BTS, and several former trainees, including Boy’s Republic‘s SuwoongJBJ‘s A-Tom, and more were under consideration for the group.


3. How each member joined

BTS WORLD is a fictional game based on real events. Much of BTS’s pre-debut history was condensed or changed for storytelling purposes. The real members may not have met each other exactly like the fictional ones did, but there’s truth to each BTS WORLD recruitment story.

For example, Jin really was scouted after stepping off a bus, and Jungkook really did decide to sign a contract because he was impressed with RM’s skills.


4. BTS’s dorm

A video clip in BTS WORLD shows BTS playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide on which room each member will have in their spacious dorm.

Pre-debut BTS shared a cramped dorm that only had one bedroom! All seven members slept in the same room for years.


5. The group name

BTS WORLD players may get war flashbacks when they think about BTS’s group name. The fictional BTS members give their “managers” a hard time about being called “Bangtan Boys”. The real BTS weren’t crazy about the name at first either, but it’s not the only name the could have been called.

“BTS” could have been called “Big Kids” or “Young Nation”, so it’s a good thing they decided on “BTS” in the end!