Don’t Look At These 10 Moments When BTS’s V Turns Up His “Aegyo”, If Your Heart Can’t Handle Extreme Cuteness

If you thought #1 was cute, wait till you see #10.

ARMYs are definitely spoiled by BTS‘s V.

When he’s not busy showing off his sexy smirk or naughty tongue habit, Taehyung can be caught displaying his cute charms to ARMYs around the world.

Known as one of the idols who excel in fan-service, V proves through these moments caught on camera why he deserves to be the “King of Aegyo” in the group.

1. Third time’s the charm

When V wanted to show off his cute cat expressions, he shyly did it once on camera.

After getting a confidence boost, he did it again to make the hearts of ARMYs flutter.

And just to make sure everyone would give off UWU feels, he did it a third time — this time, for a longer duration.

2. Attention: BTS

If you realize that Taehyung is suddenly missing, please walk slowly while looking for him. You may accidentally step on this adorable pile of cuteness.

3. The way he whined “ARMY~” is sure to make you lose your composure

It’s enough to make you want to hug him tight and give him everything precious in this world.

4. “Hi!”

5. Could he be any cuter?

If you strongly wished you were the MC he was hugging here, you’re every ARMY’s spirit animal, too.

6. Even J-Hope couldn’t resist his charms

If V was Sleeping Beauty, he’d be woken up instantly because many ARMYs would line up just to try and kiss him.

7. We can’t decide which is cuter

His sparkling eyes? The way his mouth shaped into a boxy smile? Or all of the above?

8. Jimin didn’t know what to do

V’s first try at the “bottle cap” challenge didn’t go so well, so he wanted to try again.

Jimin didn’t know whether to hug him or laugh at him for his adorable failure.

It’s all the bottle’s fault, really.

9. This is a live footage of an actual chick dancing to the “Chicken Noodle Soup” song

10. V’s duality is dangerous

At first, you’d think you’re just looking at a cute man getting his makeup done.

But when he starts to smile in his trademark sexy smirk, you know you’re in trouble.