Don’t Look At These 9 Moments Of BTS’s Jimin Showing Off His Naughty Side Unless You’re Sure You Can Handle It

To prove that something naughty like #4 really happened, you need to see it with your own eyes.

The idea of duality in the K-Pop world is fascinating. It’s amazing how idols can switch from one personality to another in a blink of an eye.

Take BTS‘s Jimin, for example.

How can someone who looks like a precious little mochi from time to time also look like a naughty performer who’s responsible for a million broken hearts? 

If you’re not yet convinced, here are nine naughty moments when Jimin displayed his naughty side.

We will not be responsible for any holy water purchase or public outbursts on your part: consider this as your final warning!

1. Hip thrusting in a specific direction

Choreography is like art, after all — it depends on how the artist chooses to interpret it.

2. Is this real-life anime?

Jimin could have done this to anyone in the group, but he chooses to do it with his close friend, V.

3. That hand motion looks familiar…

The hand motion is one thing, but pointing to the camera is another.

4. Did this really happen?

Sure, trailing your friend’s body when you laugh is natural. But is there really a point in trying out a squeeze?

5. Park Jimin: nip-slipping since 2013

And he did it with such an innocent face, too.

6. It’s like opening a present

Since his fellow members were trying to open it up, Jimin figured he’d just do it himself and save them the trouble.

7. The difference between a peck and a kiss

He said such a bold statement, even his oldest hyung Jin couldn’t believe his ears!

8. K-Drama feels, anyone?

Can you hear that? It’s the fanfiction authors typing out a whole new alternate universe where Jimin is the student and the reader is the new substitute teacher.

9. Everybody was thinking it

But he was the only one brave enough to admit it.


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