The Most Downloaded K-Pop Albums This Year In Japan

These 20 albums dominated the Japanese charts 🔥

The influence of K-Pop has transcended borders, enthralling audiences worldwide, with Japan being a crucial market for Korean pop acts. In 2023, the Japanese music scene witnessed a significant presence of K-Pop, with numerous albums climbing the ranks of popularity and downloads.


The fusion of catchy tunes and dynamic performances has made K-Pop a dominant force in Japan’s music industry. This year’s list of the most downloaded K-Pop albums in Japan showcases the diverse talents and unique sounds that have captivated Japanese audiences.

The crowd during NewJeans’ performance in Japan. | TheQoo

1. BTS Jungkook’s “GOLDEN”

Topping the K-Pop charts in Japan, Jungkook’s album Golden secured the 6th position among all albums. Its blend of personal storytelling and pop prowess demonstrates why Jungkook continues to be a standout artist in the industry.

2. BTS V’s “Layover”

Following closely, V’s “Layover” claimed the 7th spot. The album, with its emotional sound and introspective lyrics, resonated deeply with fans, further cementing V’s artistic identity.

3. BTS Suga’s “D-DAY”

Suga’s “D-Day” landed in the 16th place. Known for his raw and honest musical approach, this album showcases Suga’s versatility and depth as a songwriter and producer.

4. BTS Jimin’s “FACE”

Jimin’s “FACE” captured the 17th position. The album highlights his unique vocal color and artistic vision, offering a mix of danceable tracks and emotional ballads.

5. NewJeans’ “NewJeans”

NewJeans, a relatively new entrant in the K-Pop scene, impressed with their self-titled album, ranking 25th. Their fresh sound and youthful energy have quickly garnered a dedicated following.

6. NewJeans’ “Get Up”

Continuing their success, NewJeans’ “Get Up” stood at 26th. The album builds on their signature style with catchy rhythms and relatable lyrics.


LE SSERAFIM’s “Unforgiven” earned the 27th spot. The album’s powerful vocals and dynamic compositions showcase the group’s strong debut.

8. BTS RM’s “Indigo”

RM’s “Indigo” claimed the 39th position. Known for his introspective and poetic writing, RM’s album offered a deep and reflective musical journey.

9. Stray Kids’ “5-STAR”

Stray Kids’ “5-STAR” secured the 43rd place. Their energetic and innovative music continues to push the boundaries of K-Pop.


SEVENTEEN’s “FML” ranked 57th. The album highlights the group’s versatility and cohesive teamwork, featuring a mix of genres.

11. SHINee’s “HARD”

SHINee’s “HARD” took the 59th spot. Their continued evolution and enduring charm are evident in this album’s diverse tracklist.

12. Stray Kids’ “ROCK-STAR”

“ROCK-STAR” by Stray Kids landed in the 62nd position and secured the group’s second entry in the list. The album reinforces their reputation as one of the most dynamic groups in K-Pop.

13. BTS Suga’s “D-2”

Suga’s second entry, “D-2,” secured the 68th place. The album’s authentic and powerful narrative speaks to the hearts of many fans.

14. BTS Suga’s “Agust D”

Another album by Suga, “Agust D,” ranked 71st. The raw energy and compelling storytelling continue to captivate audiences.

15. Stray Kids’ “SKZ-REPLAY”

Stray Kids’ “SKZ-REPLAY” claimed the 75th spot and their third entry, showcasing their growth and musical diversity.

16. TWICE’s “Ready To Be”

TWICE’s “Ready To Be” reached 78th. The album reflects their signature upbeat pop style and catchy melodies.

17. BTS’s “Proof”

“Proof” by BTS stood at the 82nd position. The album serves as a testament to their monumental impact and legacy in the K-Pop world.

18. TVXQ!’ U-Know Yunho’s “Reality Show”

U-Know Yunho’s “Reality Show” ranked 90th. His charismatic performance and individual musical depth shine through in this album.

19. Stray Kids’ “The Sound”

“The Sound” by Stray Kids secured the 96th place. Their consistent innovation and high-energy tracks make them a favorite.


Closing the list, SEVENTEEN’s “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN” ranked 100th. The album showcases their evolving sound and solid teamwork.

Source: TheQoo