5 Upcoming K-Dramas With More Than 10 Years Of An Age Gap Between The Leads

My, oh my!

Although the noona trend is nothing new in the K-Drama world, it seems that drama producers are getting bolder by the day. Age gaps in dramas are growing, with older women in the lead. Here are 5 upcoming K-Dramas to feed your fantasies with age gaps of over 10 years between the leads.

1. “Disqualified as a Human”

Disqualified as a Human (literally title) has been teased for the longest time. It confirmed its male lead to be Ryu Jun Yeol in August 2020. The drama will finally air in 2021 on JTBC, although there’s no set date yet. It is about a ghostwriter in her 40s played by Jun Do Yeon. She experiences a mid-life crisis as she realizes that she has nothing to amount to in her life. On the other hand, Ryu Jun Yeol plays Kang Jae, a younger man who is afraid of the future. The two have a 13 year age difference in real life.

2. “Cruel Story Of Office Romance”

The drama stars huge star Park Min Young and possibly rising rookie, Song Kang. While this is the only pair to not hit the age difference of 10 years, the two have an age difference of 8 years in real life. Park Min Young has been cast as the cold and sensitive superior of Song Kang, who’s character hides his serious and smart nature under a clumsy facade. They work in the weather forecast service.

3. “Why, Oh Soo Hae?”

While the title reminds us of Seo Hyun Jin‘s previous work, Another Oh Hae Young, the content is totally different. Plus, it also stars Kim Young Dae, the cute twin in Penthouse. The two have an age difference of 11 years in real life. It is about the romance of a law school professor and her student.

4. “Now, We Are Breaking Up”

This will be Song Hye Kyo‘s first comeback to the small screen following her divorce. She will star in the drama opposite Jang Ki Yong, who is 11 years younger than her. The show revolves around office life at a fashion label, with Song Hye Kyo as a manager of the design team. Jang Ki Yong plays a photographer. Idols EXO‘s Sehun and Girl’s Day‘s Yura also have joined the cast.

5. “Melancholia”

Lastly, Melancholia is about an elite high school in Gangnam, one of the most affluent districts in Seoul. A sex scandal bursts out in the school, involving a teacher and a student. Corruption at the private school is then exposed. It will star Lee Do Hyun and Im Soo Jung, who have an age difference of 16 years.

All 5 dramas are currently planned for 2021, although a release date has not been confirmed. Which one are you looking forward to the most?

Source: theqoo