The Duality Of Lee Jae Wook’s Characters

He could literally play any character

Lee Jae Wook is a rising star that’s been gaining a lot of recognition for his excellent acting skills. Lee Jae Wook first debuted in the Korean drama Memories of Alhambra which starred several major actors like Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye. Following the shooting of the drama, Hyun Bin recruited Lee Jae Wook immediately under his agency (VAST Entertainment).

Many have taken notice of Lee Jae Wook playing various characters that are extremely different from one another and praising his ability to play them all.

1. Marco Han – Memories of Alhambra

| tvN/YouTube

In Memories of Alhambra, Lee Jae Wook plays a drug-addicted hacker who isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. His character’s appearance is quite distressed with his messy hair, red eyes, baggy clothes, and a scratched face. Marco is an intense character and Lee Jae Wook left a memorable performance. After all, Hyun Bin recruited him because of this drama.

2. Seol Ji Hwan – Search: WWW

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Character Seol Ji Hwan was a crowd favorite! Lee Jae Wook’s character in Search: WWW captured the hearts of viewers everywhere with his sweet smile. Seol Ji Hwan is an aspiring actor who had an innocent and caring personality. He was overall a warm-hearted gentleman. How does someone go from a rude chaotic character like Marco Han to someone kind and goal-driven like Seol Ji Hwan? Lee Jae Wook is clearly talented.

3. Lee Gae Tae – Battle of Jangsari

| EonTalk/YouTube

Lee Jae Wook then goes from young and innocent Seol Ji Hwan to sharpshooter Lee Gae Tae in The Battle of Jangsari. In this film, Lee Jae Wook loses his sweet smile and switches to a serious soldier, keeping his eye on the target.

4. Baek Kyung – Extraordinary You


In contrast to a selfless soldier, Lee Jae Wook switches to Baek Kyun in Extraordinary You. Baek Kyung is a cold, serious, bad-boy who doesn’t realize what they have until it’s gone. He is a Casanova in his high school as many girls are attracted to his bad-boy charisma. Lee Jae Wook gained a lot of popularity and won the Best New Actor award for his role as Baek Kyung.

5. Lee Jang Woo – When the Weather is Fine

| JTBC/YouTube

From the serious cool guy Baek Kyung, Lee Jae Wook appears as a goofy extroverted character in When the Weather is Fine. Lee Jae Wook is an absolute scene-stealer in this drama as his character is literally the life of the party. Quite opposite from Baek Kyung. Character Lee Jang Woo is not shy at all until his crush comes around and he turns into an adorable hot mess.

6. Sunwoo Joon – Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

| The Swoon/YouTube

Lee Jae Wook’s character, Sunwoo Joon, in Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol does whatever he wants and doesn’t care about what people think about him. Despite not worrying about his image to others, he doesn’t want people to know what a big sweetheart he is. Unlike his kind character Seol Ji Hwan who is openly caring, Sunwoo Joon likes to secretly do kind acts for his love interest.

It’s pretty apparent that Lee Jae Wook is an outstanding actor who can pretty much successfully crush any character he takes on.

It is reported that Lee Jae Wook will appear in the newly released hit drama True Beauty for a cameo alongside his Extraordinary You cast members Kim Hye Yoon and Lee Tae Ri. Fans are waiting to see him pop on the screen!