Here’s The Most Embarrassing Thing That’s Ever Happened To Each Red Velvet Member

Here are the most embarrassing moments of the Red Velvet members!

1. Irene

On an episode of Weekly Idol, the Red Velvet members were asked to show off their sexiest poses and Irene’s pose particularly stood out! While all the other members did their sexiest pose standing, Irene alone bent down and went for a dramatic pose.

Immediately after seeing this, Jung Hyung Don started teasing her saying that her pose was too “old-fashioned”.

Defconn chimed in explaining that it was a pose that was familiar to those born in the ’70s and was popular in the ’90s when veteran comedian Jo Hye Ryun made it trendy at the time.

Irene eventually revealed her age (which was only 25 at the time but still older than the other Red Velvet members) and the hosts continued to tease her saying, “No wonder she knows that pose!”


2. Wendy

On their way to have dinner in Thailand, the Red Velvet members decided to play a game of “making ugly faces and trying not to laugh”. The goal of the game was to name fruits in the funniest way possible and try to make the others laugh. Wendy began with “pineapple” which sent Yeri and Seulgi into a fit.


She continued with “coconut” and really raised the bar for Irene, who was her only competition.

When Irene didn’t budge despite the other two members cracking up wildly in the background, she decided to play her last card.

For the finale, Wendy even asked the staff to blur her face out to avoid the embarrassment but unfortunately, they blurred out the wrong part! Wendy goes for “blueberry” on her last round.


3. Seulgi

Seulgi had quite the embarrassing moment when she and Irene did the opening of a baseball game between the LG Twins and KT Wiz. First and foremost, it is no doubt that Seulgi had the most professional-looking pose.

Once she threw the ball, however, it went quite far off to the side so much so that Irene wasn’t even close to hitting it.

Seulgi had apparently practiced for an hour to do this opening but it seems like she was focused more on her pose than actually throwing the ball! She was escorted off the field by the mascot afterward with a smiling, yet sad and embarrassed look on her face.


4. Joy

During a performance of “One of These Nights” on M Countdown, Joy was seen with a little sweat under her arms. Although it can be considered quite embarrassing, netizens were more sympathetic than anything understanding that it must be difficult for celebrities to avoid embarrassing moments in such unavoidable circumstances.


5. Yeri

At a fansign event, Yeri confessed that she had a stomach ache. This was not the reason for her embarrassment though!

After hearing Yeri’s comment, Joy took it upon herself to relay Yeri’s predicament to her fans. She explained that Yeri was in desperate need of going to the bathroom.

And while that was enough to embarass not only Yeri, but also the other members listening, Joy went even further and explained that she didn’t have to go “number 2” in case fans were misunderstanding her statement.


6. Bonus

Irene once did a shocking imitation of Louis Armstrong belting out a never-before-heard deep husky voice that is hard to believe even came from Irene, who naturally has a high-pitched cutesy voice!

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