12 Most Embarrassing Times Idols Were Filmed Dancing In Public

The secondhand embarrassment is real.

Idols spend a ton of time dancing on the stage but out on the streets its a whole different experience. When idols are caught dancing in public it can be just as exceptional as their regular performances, other times it can end in a bit of embarrassment for someone.


1. GOT7 Jinyoung and BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Inkigayo funk

Jinyoung and Jisoo were dancing to “Uptown Funk” in various locations for Inkigayo. Let’s just say it was definitely funky and a little bit cringy, but we still love them anyway!


2. Super Junior Leeteuk’s “Bonamana” crowd

The group was at the airport when Leeteuk decided it would be the perfect time to break out some dance moves. While the moment wasn’t too embarrassing, we can just imagine what kind of things the other members did with the footage later.


3. TWICE’s foray in Bern, Switzerland

While TWICE totally killed the dance, it was a few of the bystander’s reactions that really take the cake. Like the man who walks by while staring, then has to take one last look behind him to check and see if what he’s seeing is real!


4. BTS’s Jimin and RM mountainside dance off

First, there was Jimin and RM tearing it up on the mountain, ending with RM getting too tired!


5. BTS Jin and J-Hope’s own mountain dance

Then there was J-Hope and Jin‘s stellar version of “Fire” which Jin couldn’t help but crack up over!


6. The KARD members are totally being judged

KARD were just having some fun in the sun and performing “Oh NaNa” on the boardwalk. It’s not their fault that the crowd didn’t really understand what was going on.


7. BTS V’s “PPAP” performance

He might not have been all too embarrassed at performing “PPAP” in front of the paparazzi but his members looked pretty done!


Maybe he got that confidence from performing this dance!


8. GOT7’s jaunt outside the JYP Entertainment building

GOT7 put on quite the performance outside the old JYP Entertainment building. Off the top of our heads, we can think of at least one meme created from this dance!


9. INFINITE Sunggyu, L, and HaHa’s crazy dance

L couldn’t stop himself from laughing when their stage was finally over.


10. Lee Kwang Soo and MBLAQ’s red carpet breakdance moves

In true Lee Kwang Soo fashion, he turned this dance into more of a comedy performance than anything else. But Lee Joon and Seungho totally rolled with it much to the amusement of everyone who witnessed the scene!


11. BTS Jimin and J-Hope’s dying “Fire”

Jimin was slowly dying from laughter while attempting to dance with J-Hope.


12. TOPP DOGG’s China event

When the group went to China, they had some major moves that definitely turned a few heads!