ENGENE’s Funniest Reactions To ENHYPEN’s Comeback Teasers

Fans are hyped for the comeback!

ENGENE’s favorite rookie legends, ENHYPEN, are coming back soon! Today, the group shared new concept photos and individual video teasers for their second mini-album, BORDER : CARNIVAL. Now fans couldn’t be more excited! Here are 15 of their funniest reactions so far.

1. There will be no survivors

2. Would you like fries with that?

3. Now accepting organ donations

4. The two sides of Sunoo

5. The end is near!

6. Look closely…

7. This relatable confession

8. Please, let us see the sun!

9. This handsome health hazard

10. Brain is not in service. Please try again after the comeback.

11. No thoughts, just ENHYPEN

12. 3-5 days minimum 

13. When you know your limits but choose to ignore them

14. Lungs? What are lungs?

15. The only solution