5 Of The Coolest Theories About ENHYPEN’s New “Drunk-Dazed” Music Video

ENGENEs are definitely on to something 🤔

ENHYPEN may only be on the first comeback of their career, but they already have some of the fourth generation’s coolest concepts. Just take a look at these five genius theories about the “Drunk-Dazed” music video, courtesy of smart and eagle-eyed ENGENEs.

1. The fountain of youth

One of the standout scenes from the music video involves Sunoo sitting in front of a fountain and pouring a glass of red liquid that looks all too much like blood. Given how the blood-like liquid then overflows from the fountain, one fan by the name of Bookish Theories came up with the idea that the fountain is a reference to the mythical “Fountain of Youth”, which is said to bless anyone who drinks from or bathes in it with immortality.

| HYBE Labels/YouTube

Bookish Theories explained that since ENHYPEN’s concept seems to revolve around vampires and vampires drink blood to stay young, the blood fountain in the music video is likely the source of Sunoo and the members’ youth.

2. ENHYPEN are being controlled

A fan named ash proposed a theory that the woman seen perched on top of a pedestal in the music video could be controlling and caging the ENHYPEN members. The ENGENE theorized that the whole party revolves around the members masking their pain and sadness, reflected in the lyrics, “The pitiful truth behind this mask / But I never escape.”

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This theory also suggests that Sunoo‘s characters may be far more powerful than the rest, and that he may be planning to dethrone to controlling woman—or that he may even be the lady in disguise.

3. Rival werewolves from “I-LAND”

Alongside the ENHYPEN members, the music video for “Drunk-Dazed” also featured two special cameo stars—K and EJ, former I-LAND contestants and future members of HYBE Labels Japan‘s new boy group. There have been many theories about their appearance, but one of the most popular is that the two boys are… werewolves.

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One fan named xin suggests that K and EJ may be trying to attack or even kill ENHYPEN. After all, one of the most long-standing vampire myths is that werewolves are their mortal enemies.

4. Greek mythology inspiration

Another theory suggested by several ENGENEs is that “Drunk-Dazed” has its roots in Greek mythology. According to a fan named nics, the Greek goddess of the moon and twin of Apollo—Artemis—is depicted as a bust in a teaser photo for the group’s latest album, Border: Carnival.


The fan went on to explain that Artemis protected the first vampire according to lore, tying the theory into ENHYPEN’s wider concept. According to this theory, that means the lady ENHYPEN look up to in the music video is also Artemis, and may be protecting them rather than cursing them.

5. GFRIEND’s Sowon is in the music video, but hidden

There are numerous theories about the lady in white; yet another suggests that the woman could actually be none other than GFRIEND‘s Sowon. According to a fan who goes by Dr. Eunkkura, there are various similarities between the woman in “Drunk-Dazed” and Sowon’s past outfits.


ENGENEs say the crown Sowon dons in GFRIEND’s performances might symbolize her as a goddess in part of a wide HYBE Labels universe. Plus, the logo behind the lady in white in “Drunk-Dazed” looks remarkably similar to GFRIEND’s own logo. This goddess theory may also tie into the idea that ENHYPEN are being protected by the moon goddess Artemis.