4 Facts About ENHYPEN From New BuzzFeed Interview That’ll Make Fans Sentimental

#2 is heartwarming.

ENHYPEN sat down for an interview with BuzzFeed Celeb where they answered thirty questions at top speed. Some were amusing while others leaned more towards the emotional side.

The following moments brought out the tender side of the group. Check them out below!

1. Biggest Fear

First up, the tough question, “What is your biggest fear?” was asked. Jungwon touched on one that he has to face frequently—flying.

I’m scared of airplane motion sickness.

— Jungwon

2. Most Treasured Memory

The atmosphere changed to a sentimental one when the question, “What is your most treasured memory?” was posed. Jungwon answered that it was the last episode of I-LAND, when the seven members were finalized, that made him happiest.

I will never forget the moment we were announced as the debut members.

— Jungwon

Heeseung added that they felt a special bond with each other the very first time they did a group huddle.

I remember all seven of us were standing in a circle. It felt like the world was rooting us on.

— Heeseung

3. The Past

Jungwon brought out his wise side when asked about the time period he’d go to if he could time travel. Rather than an uncertain future, he’d rather change the past.

The future will eventually come, but you can’t go back to the past.

— Jungwon

4. The Future

Speaking of the future, though it’s hard to imagine ENHYPEN any different than they are now, the members have no issue looking forward. They have a positive mindset that all things will work out.

I think we would have aged well.

— Seunghoon

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