ENHYPEN Reveals Their Favorite Tracks On Their “BORDER : CARNIVAL” Mini-Album

Which track is your favorite?

ENHYPEN recently participated in interview with Consequence Of Sound where they discussed their new mini-album BORDER : CARNIVAL. During the interivew, the members were asked what each of their favorite tracks on the mini-album are.

Here are each of the members favorite tracks on BORDER : CARNIVAL.

1. Heesung’s favorite track from “BORDER : CARNIVAL”

Although I think that all six songs in ‘BORDER : CARNIVAL’ are great, I particularly like ‘Not For Sale,’ because I feel like I relate to the lyrics the most out of the six tracks. It’s a track that captures the emotions of a boy who is forced to confront his belief that something must be given in order to receive something in return, at the appearance of someone he wants to willingly give his everything to. I think it reflects this generation and could resonate with a lot of people. It sounds really great too, so like ‘Not For Sale.’

— Heeseung

2. Sunoo’s favorite track from “BORDER : CARNIVAL”

I also like ‘Not For Sale.’ The melody is nice and the meaning behind the lyrics is refreshing.

— Sunoo

3. Jay’s favorite track from “BORDER : CARNIVAL”

I personally like ‘Mixed Up.’ It has a Rock-like sound with a hint of Hip hop, so it gives off this freeing and grand feeling. I felt that it’s a song that echoes in the heart.

— Jay

4.  Jungwon’s favorite track from “BORDER : CARNIVAL”

Personally, I like ‘FEVER’ the most. It has this groovy pop, R&B vibe to it, reminiscent of ‘Flicker.’ The track is about having this ‘fever’ because of someone, and although it’s painful, it doesn’t matter. It’s something you want to overcome. I like ‘FEVER’ because of this story and the message behind it.

— Jungwon

5. Ni-Ki’s favorite track from “BORDER : CARNIVAL”

Like Jungwon, I also like ‘FEVER’ the most. When I first hear ‘FEVER,’ I thought that the song had a catchy groovy melody that we can rhythmically vibe to. I hope our ENGENEs also love ‘FEVER.’

— Ni-Ki

6. Jake’s favorite track from “BORDER : CARNIVAL”

I think to me, I like all six songs in our ‘BORDER : CARNIVAL’ album, but for me, I really enjoyed recording for ‘Intro : The Invitation’ because it, you know, it connects this album connects to the last album. I was able to participate in the narration of it, so I was very honored, very thankful, and I hope I was able to kind of start off the album to draw the listeners in. I tried to mainly focus on that.

— Jake

7. Sunghoon’s favorite track from “BORDER : CARNIVAL”

I, of course, like ‘Intro : The Invitation’ as well, but I prefer the lead single ‘Drunk-Dazed.’ It has this fun rocking sound and the ‘Dazed, dazed, dazed’ part in the chorus is really catchy so I think many people will be able to enjoy it with us. That’s why I like the lead single the most.

— Sunghoon

Check out the interview below: