4 Times ENHYPEN’s Jay Revealed Himself As An Absolute Role Model

His humble nature is commendable.

K-Pop idols’ true natures come out during reality-based content that is shot to show them outside their usual personas when performing. This is true for ENHYPEN‘s Jay, who showed role model behavior during Episode 4 of their “So So Fun” Series.

Here are four moments that Jay showed his admirable traits to the members and staff while shooting “So So Fun.”

1. He cleaned up the living room and kitchen all by himself.

As soon as Jay woke up and saw how messy the living room was, he tidied up the area alone without any complaints.


He didn’t ask for help even when Jungwon was already awake and just continued tidying up as they chatted.


After finishing the living area, he proceeded to the kitchen and cleaned it up too.

2. He prepared breakfast for the members.

Knowing that the others would be waking up soon, he heated the curry he had made the day before and prepared bowls of the dish for the members. He didn’t eat until they were served their meals. The boys complimented his curry, thanking him for his effort in preparing it for them.


This is not his first time cooking for the members. He cooked for them in one of his vlogs and was happy to see them eat the prepared dish.

| ENHYPEN/YouTube 

3. He shared the curry he made with the staff.

Jay could have asked the staff to help themselves with the curry he made. But he went beyond just sharing the food by preparing the curry with steaming rice in bowls he gave to the staff. He also prepared coffee for them.


4. He stopped to “smell the flowers.”

Nowadays, it’s so easy to get swept by technology and social media and let these take up so much time daily. On this vacation, Jay gave time to enjoy nature, appreciating the beauty of the place they were in. He acknowledged that they wouldn’t see sights like this in Seoul and wanted to enjoy everything he could while in this place.

| ENHYPEN/YouTube 

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