6 Small Things About Each ENHYPEN Member That Jay Notices And Always Makes Sure To Consider

He’s the sweetest 🥺

ENHYPEN‘s Jay knows his members well! In an interview with Weverse Magazine, he was asked, “I heard your consideration extends to you always including mint chocolate in your ice cream orders in case SUNOO’s going to eat some. Do any of the other members come with a special manual?”


Jay agreed that “there’s lots of things” that he notices about his members and does for them as a result. Check them out below!

1. Sunoo

First up, as previously mentioned, Jay always makes sure that Sunoo, the group’s sunshine, has a smile on his face after receiving his favorite mint ice cream.

2. Jungwon

After over a year together, Jay noticed that Jungwon is wishy-washy when it comes to eating—or refusing to eat for that matter.

JUNGWON is the kind of person who changes his mind after saying he’s not going to eat, so when I’m in charge of ordering food, I usually order something for him too, just to be safe.

— Jay

3. Sunghoon

Jay noticed that Sunghoon is indecisive when it comes to many things. To save everyone’s time, he asks him first about the task on hand to give him more time to think and come to a conclusion.

Asking SUNGHOON first any time we all need to choose something, since he takes the longest to decide.

— Jay

4. Heeseung

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Jay says that, “Heeseung can’t be bothered with anything complicated,” so he doesn’t need any special considerations.

5. Ni-Ki

Befitting his title as the maknae, Ni-Ki’s carelessness when handling different things makes Jay ultra alert at all times for his sake.

Ni-Ki can be a little careless sometimes, so I make sure he doesn’t handle anything dangerous yet.

— Jay

6. Jake

Finally, Jay finds Jake self-reliant and seldom mothers him as a result.

Jake can’t not do something once he thinks about it, so I feel like I don’t have to worry about him that much.

— Jay

Jay always makes sure to take care of his members!

Source: Weverse Magazine