Here Is All We Know About The 7 Siblings Of ENHYPEN’s Members

Only one member is an only child!

In just a few days, on October 12, ENHYPEN is set to release their first full-length studio album, Dimension: Dilemma! With so much hype building up for this monster rookie group, now is a great time to learn more about the seven members. Here’s all we know about the seven siblings of ENHYPEN’s members, some of whom are more well-known than others!

1. Heeseung

Heeseung is one of two members that has an older brother! He’s two years older than Heeseung, and based on a phone call that the two of them had, they seem to have a very friendly and playful relationship and aren’t afraid to tease each other. Besides this, not much is known about him!

2. Jay


Jay is the only member of ENHYPEN that’s an only child!

3. Jake


Jake is the other member of ENHYPEN that has an older brother. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much information known about him just yet!

4. Sunghoon


Sunghoon is one of two members that has a younger sister! Her name is Park Yeji, and she’s five years younger than the ENHYPEN member.

Sunghoon and his sister Yeji

Hilariously, when asked which of the members he would introduce his sister, he said that he wouldn’t introduce her to any of them! It seems he’s very protective and affectionate for Yeji.

5. Sunoo


Sunoo is one of three members of ENHYPEN that has an older sister. Though not much is known about her, she is apparently a Sunghoon and Jay stan! The two siblings appear to be very close and loving with each other as well.

6. Jungwon


Jungwon is another member of the group that has an older sister! She’s reportedly two years older than him, and Sunghoon has said that they’re close with each other, though their relationship is just like that of normal siblings.

7. Ni-ki


Ni-ki is the only member of ENHYPEN that has two siblings: Both a younger & an older sister! His older sister, Konon, is more well-known among the two siblings, and was born in 2004.

Ni-ki’s sister, Konon

She’s an amazing dancer, and there are videos of her performing some of ENHYPEN’s dances as well as other K-Pop covers! Some fans speculate that she might participate in season 2 of I-LAND, though there’s no confirmation of this.

His younger sister’s name is Sola, but besides that, little is known about her so far! There are a couple videos of the two sisters dancing cutely together, though.

Make sure not to miss ENHYPEN’s comeback on October 12!


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