ENHYPEN Can’t Get These 5 Songs Out Of Their Heads—See Here If Your Music Playlist Matches Theirs

How many of their favorite songs do you already listen to?

ENHYPEN recently sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine where they revealed the songs they love listening to. Of course, they first mentioned their latest title track, “Tamed-Dashed,” and commented that it is “brightly energetic and powerful.” 

ENHYPEN | @enhypen/Instagram

They also like their song “Go Big Or Go Home”…

…as well as their melodic track “Just A Little Bit.”

But how about their favorite songs from other artists? Check them out below.

1. Etham – “12:45”

Etham’s “12:45” was part of his Stripped EP released in 2019. It is an emotional ballad that ENHYPEN member Jungwon particularly loves.

Certain songs impress you with their melody alone, and this is that kind of song, I think. It makes me feel better any time I listen to it, so it’s my main feel-good song these days.

— Jungwon

2. Sylo Nozra – “Ginny”

Sylo Nozra’s “Ginny” is one of the more indie songs on this list. Released in 2020, it is a relaxing R&B song that Jay can’t get out of his head.

This is my feel-good song. It’s brimming with a unique brand of groove and soul and makes you feel like it’s mending your body and mind. If you’ve had a hard day or are in need of some peace of mind, I recommend you try listening to that song!

— Jay

3. Justin Bieber (feat. Quavo) – “Wish You Would”

“Wish You Would” is a recent 2021 hit by Canadian superstar Justin Bieber and American producer Quavo. ENHYPEN seems to enjoy relaxing music, and this is no exception. This time, it was Jake who named “Wish You Would” his “feel-good” song.

It’s my feel-good song lately. It’s off Justin Bieber’s most recent studio album and I listen to it a lot because I find the overall feeling of the lyrics and the melody to be touching.

— Jake

4. Emotional Oranges – “West Coast Love”

Sunghoon‘s current favorite is “West Coast Love” (2019) by Emotional Oranges. It instantly makes one feel light and happy while listening to it.

I’ve been listening to that song a lot lately because I like the soft vocals, the melody and the jazz vibe. I’m recommending it because I want to listen to it together with ENGENE!

— Sunghoon

5. Baek Yerin – “Antifreeze”

Last but certainly not the least, Sunoo‘s pick, Baek Yerin’s “Antifreeze” was the only Korean song chosen aside from their own. It highlights her sweet and delicate vocals and unique sound.

I feel better when I hear the timbre of Yerin Baek’s voice and the song’s tranquil melody and lyrics. So I end up enjoying the song more and more.

— Sunoo

Source: Weverse Magazine