10 Things You Might Have Missed In ENHYPEN’s Debut Trailer

Hints, clues, theories, and more.

ENHYPEN just released their debut trailerDebut Trailer 1 : Choose-Chosen. Here are 10 hints, clues, and references you might have missed in it.

1. ENPHYPEN’s debut date

One clever ENGENE noticed that the clock behind ENHYPEN points to 11:30 (November 30), and they connected it with more “evidence” in the debut trailer.

| BELIFT LAB/Facebook

What celestial events are coming up in November? The last penumbral eclipse of the year happens to be on the 30th. Is this a coincidence, or not?

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

2. The Mortal Immortal

ENHYPEN’s trailer is all about dichotomy. It explores the transformation that occurs when one thing becomes its opposite, such as “mortal” and “immortal”.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

As this fan pointed out, The Mortal Immortal also happens to be a story by the author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley.

3. Light vs darkness

Why are some members shown in daylight while others are in darkness?

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

Could they be inverted versions of each other? Mortals vs immortals? Enemies? It’s a theory worth pondering.

4. The burning rose

One of the most intriguing symbols in the video is the burning rose that represents failure. What’s even more interesting is that the success rose is upside down, giving it a slightly negative or bittersweet connotation.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

Each ENHYPEN member overcame hardships on I-LAND to debut. They achieved success but also had to witness the sadness of the other trainees who didn’t make it into the show’s top seven.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

Roses are often associated with love, but a burning rose could be the death of an old love to make way for a new one.

5. Jay’s hand

One eagle-eyed fan figured out whose hand is streaking blood across the screen. What happened to Jay in ENHYPEN’s story? Whose blood is that?

6. A haunting encounter with the unknown

Somehow, ENHYPEN’s car ended up in the middle of a dark forest. One theory says that when ENHYPEN entered the forest, something inside it changed them.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

7. The blood moon

ENHYPEN’s story seems to be beginning in media res. It’s unclear if the members will begin exploring their universe chronologically or out of order to keep fans guessing.

8. Whose car?

The car in ENHYPEN’s trailer could be the same crashed car from the beginning of SEVENTEEN‘s “HOME;RUN” music video.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube 

SEVENTEEN and ENHYPEN are both under Big Hit Labels; could their universes be connected too?

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

9. All signs point to supernatural

ENHYPEN references vampires and werewolves through the symbolism in their video. Roses, fire, blood, shunned sunlight, and aristocratic gothic fashion are all associated with vampires.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube 

On the other hand, full moons and dark forests feature prominently in werewolf lore.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

This quote could be referring to both. For vampires, who burn in daylight, the sun is a menace. For werewolves who regain their humanity at sunrise, it’s a blessing.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

10. Whose eye?

After squinting at this eye and comparing it to the members’ some fans claim it belongs to Jungwon. Why does his iris change colors, and what does it mean?

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

Watch the trailer here: