9 Epic Pranks BTS Pulled On Each Other At Their Concerts

They never get tired of messing with each other…and ARMY.

There’s nothing more entertaining than a prank, especially when it’s BTS pranking each other at their concerts. Here are 9 pranks that made fans laugh!


1. When Suga hammed up his on-stage shower

On Day 2 of BTS’s Paris concert, Jungkook and Jimin masterminded a plot to soak Suga.


Instead of freaking out, Suga worked it!


2. When Jimin hid from RM during “Anpanman”

RM is supposed to pass “bread” to Jimin like this.


At BTS’s Nagoya concert, Jimin sneaked out of his usual position and hid!


3. When Jin switched out his “Boy With Luv” rose for a water bottle



Sopping wet reality:


4. When Jimin “saved” V from falling off the stage

In this clip, it looks like Jimin saved V from falling, but the truth is…


…he pushed him first!


The best part? V seemed to have no idea. Instead of scolding Jimin, he gave him a hug!


5. When V masterminded a water prank that backfired on Jimin

At BTS’s Shizuoka concert, V convinced Jimin to go after Jin, but it didn’t go according to plan.


Jin counterattacked with this hidden water bottle!


6. When everybody copied V

During one “Boy In Luv” performance, the members copied V and made him laugh so hard that he couldn’t rap properly.


He took his (adorable) revenge by doing this!


7. When Jin pranked Jimin while pranking ARMY

Unbeknownst to his members, Jin wrote “ARMY” on the back of Jimin’s shirt before the show. When he unzipped Jimin’s cloak to reveal the shirt, Jimin got a little flustered!


8. When Jungkook (accidentally?) scared the living daylights out of Jin

Technically, this didn’t happen at a concert, but at a rehearsal for BTS’s Prom Party. While Jin was singing, bunny Jungkook attacked with an invisible sword, startling him!


9. BONUS: When Suga revenge-pranked thousands of fans

For a while, fans pranked BTS during livestreams by telling them to look behind them for something that wasn’t actually there. At a concert, Suga did the same thing to ARMY!

Look at that. Look at that…Nothing. Just fun.