Epik High’s Tablo Reveals Some Upcoming Projects And Gives Advice On Recent Twitter Q&A

“Currently some major things happening behind the scenes…”

Epik High‘s Tablo recently held a brief Q&A on his Twitter where he casually talked to fans about his life, processes, and more. Here are just a few of his best responses.

1. Creating is difficult, even for a master.

Many artists have been known to throw away a huge portion of their work and only show the best of the best. Therefore, it’s easy to see these people as masters and experts, but they make mistakes just like us!

2. Your work is amazing no matter what

It’s hard to stop comparing yourself to others, but would you be sad eating pizza? Don’t disrespect the pizza (you).

3. Ending the world with ice cream

Honestly, sometimes the end of the world doesn’t have to be that elaborate. Sometimes it’s perfect just eating ice cream with your family.

4. A book in the works?

As we all know, Tablo is gifted in quite a few creative areas, so it’s not hard to see a comic book series as a possibility in the near future!

5. A new series to obsess over??

Aside from a comic book series, is he just learning how to make a TV series for fun? Or can we expect something amazing soon?

6. He seems to love smooth genres of music.

Of course, with how smooth his own music is, it’s obvious his favorite type of music would be smooth and deep as well.

7. Exciting new projects???

Forget about the previous stuff; what are these major things, Tablo?

8. Sometimes, passion is worth more than comfort.

It’s obvious that Tablo has been upset with the industry from the beginning through his songs and interviews. However, that doesn’t keep him from doing what he loves, music.

Source: Twitter and Image