Fans Uncover 4 Hints That Choi Yena May Be Joining EVERGLOW In “Last Melody” Comeback

Do you want Yena to join EVERGLOW, or would you rather see her debut solo?

Since EVERGLOW first debuted back in 2019, fans have been wondering whether fellow Yuehua Entertainment artist Choi Yena would be joining the group. Now IZ*ONE has disbanded, discussion on the topic is resurfacing once again. While Yuehua Entertainment is yet to make a statement on Yena’s future, WIZ*ONEs and FOREVERs have spotted four possible hints that she could soon be joining EVERGLOW in the group’s new comeback with single album Last Melody.

1. The pod

The music video for “FIRST” opens with the current six EVERGLOW members standing on a space station circled around some kind of empty pod. With the members staring at the pod intently before the song begins playing, many fans believe it looks like they’re waiting for something—or someone.

“FIRST” MV | Stone Music Entertainment/YouTube

As such, some are guessing this could be a hint that EVERGLOW is “waiting” for Yena to join them.

2. The missing star

Right before “FIRST” begins playing in the music video, the pod scene transitions into a shot of a well-known constellation typically referred to as “the Big Dipper.” Six stars are shown on the screen, likely alluding to EVERGLOW’s six members. However, the actual Big Dipper has seven stars.

“FIRST” MV | Stone Music Entertainment/YouTube

“FIRST”‘s depiction of the Big Dipper is missing one star on its handle. Since there are other constellations with six major stars that Yuehua Entertainment could have chosen for the scene (for example, Lyra), many are taking this to mean that Yena could be the missing seventh star the members are waiting for.

The real Big Dipper | Forbes

It could also be worth noting that the Big Dipper appears in EVERGLOW’s “DUN DUN” music video too, this time with seven stars. Since “DUN DUN”‘s release, many have wondered whether the constellation represents EVERGLOW as a seven-member group.

“DUN DUN” MV | Stone Music Entertainment/YouTube

3. The spacing

Another possible hint fans noticed came in the “FIRST” music video teaser. At the end of the video, there’s a particularly large gap between two of the members.

“Last Melody” trailer | Stone Music Entertainment/YouTube

Could this be a coincidence, or are they leaving a space for Yena?

4. The title

Last but not least comes the single album’s title, Last Melody. Some think this may represent EVERGLOW’s “last” release as six members. On top of that, many were surprised that EVERGLOW would release another single album at this point in their career given that their previous two releases were both mini albums.

| Nolae

Once the format was revealed, many wondered whether Yuehua Entertainment was saving songs in order to release a new mini-album (or even full album) with Yena in the near future.