10+ Idols With The Most Unique Hair Color You’ve Ever Seen

This color has always been a popular choice but it’s showing up a lot more recently.

Purple is the new hot hair color trend for idols! Purple has been a long time favorite hair color among idols, with at least one member sporting the color at one time or another. There are a lot of idols who have recently adopted the look. From soft purples to more vibrant shades, here are all the idols who are trying the purple hair trend!


1. Wanna One – Bae Jinyoung

Jinyoung opted for a nice pinky-purple that makes him look so soft!


2. Wanna One – Yoon Jisung

Jisung‘s purple hair is a bright color is a nice complement to fellow member Jinyoung’s hair.

The bright highlights don’t overwhelm and make him pop even more!


3. IN2IT – Inpyo

Inpyo is another idol who decided to wear a brighter color, but he decided to go all out with it.

The vibrant hue makes him look extremely handsome.


4. NCT – Yuta

While a grape color may not look good on everyone, Yuta pulls it off beautifully.

Interestingly, the shade lightens up considerably in sunlight to provide a completely different aesthetic.


5. Snuper – Sebin

Sebin‘s highlighter-esque is like a beacon it’s so bright!

It’s a perfect match for his equally brilliant smile!


6. HALO – Yoondong

The soft purple is the perfect way to promote HALO‘s latest release.

Not to mention he looks so cute!


7. ONF – Hyojin

Could Hyojin be any more handsome with this unique hue?


8. SEVENTEEN – Hoshi

Hoshi debuted this look late last year.

And the color just enhances his adorable nature!


9. VIXX – Ravi

Although Ravi recently had his hair dyed a different color, fans are already asking that the purple hair concept make an appearance again.

He makes purple hair look so sexy!


10. BTS – RM

RM sported the purple hair trend in BTS’s “Not Today” MV.

While in his hair in the MV gives him a certain sexy edge, the same hair at fan events made him look soft and cute!


Bonus: SHINee – Taemin

Rumor has it that Taemin’s long-time fan favorite purple hair will be making a comeback soon!

Source: Instiz