Here Is Every Comeback And Debut Planned For The Rest Of June

20+ artists will be making their comebacks this month.

We are almost one-third of the way through the month of June but fear not because it still has a lot to give us in the way of exciting comebacks. Chungha, Red Velvet and Somi are just some of the fantastic comebacks happening this month.

1. ATEEZ (June 10th)

ATEEZ will be releasing their mini-album, Treasure Episode 3: One To All at 18:00 KST.

2. Ong Seungwu (June 11th)

Ong Seongwu will be releasing a single entitled Heart Sign is produced by Flow Blow. The project is in collaboration with Pepsi.

3. Eunjung (June 12th)

Eunjung of T-ARA will be releasing her Japanese debut mini-album DESIRE at midnight.

4. MONSTA X (June 12th)

MONSTA X plans to release a Japanese single album featuring the Japanese version of Alligator.

5. NOIR (June 12th)

NOIR will be releasing their mini album ABYSS at midday.

6. BIBI (June 12th)

BIBI is releasing her new mini album at 18:00 KST.

7. Yunho (June 12th)

Yunho of TVXQ will be releasing his new mini album True Colours with its title track Follow.

8. Somi (June 13th)

Somi will be making her long-awaited debut with a single BIRTHDAY at 18:00 KST.

9. Urban Zakapa (June 13th)

Urban Zakapa will be releasing a digital single Seoul Night.

10. LEO (June 17th)

LEO of VIXX will be releasing a mini-album MUSE at 18:00 KST.

11. SF9 (June 17th)

SF9 will be releasing their seventh mini-album RPM.

12. Red Velvet (June 19th)

Red Velvet will be releasing a mini album ‘The ReVe Festival: Day 1’.

13. Stray Kids (June 19th)

Stray Kids will be releasing a ‘special’ mini-album Clé 2: Yellow Wood.

14. Purplebeck (June 24th)

Purplebeck will be debuting with an album, Crystal Ball at 18:00 KST.

15. Chungha (June 24th)

Chungha will be releasing an album on June 24th but nothing else is known as of right now.

16. IZ*ONE (June 26th)

IZ*ONE will be releasing a Japanese single album Buenos Aires at midnight.

17. Eun Ji Won (June 27th)

Eun Ji Won of SECHSKIES is coming back solo with G1.

Announced Releases

18. Yesung

Yesung of Super Junior has announced a release sometime in June.


TRCNG have announced a single album scheduled for release in June.

20. Zelo

Zelo will be releasing a mini-album sometime in June.

21. Cleaun

Cleaun who formerly went by Gyeoul as a member of VAV will be releasing a single in June.

Many other comebacks are rumoured but not yet confirmed such as GFRIEND, LOONA, DAY6, Sunmi, iKON and Ailee.

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