Every EXO Instagram Live Is Guaranteed To Include These 7 Phrases From The Members

Netizens chose these phrases and they are so accurate!

Although each of the members of EXO have done plenty of livestreams in the past, fans over on Korean web portal Instiz have noticed that a couple of members have certain phrases they always say when they go live on Instagram. And everyone is very much in agreement. So without further ado, here are some of the catchphrases that fans are 99.999%guaranteed to hear during an Instagram live!


1. “Moongyu-ya, Wonsik-ah, Taemin-ah!” — Kai

Nine times out of ten Kai will either give a special shoutout to one of his padding squad friends or they will make an appearance in the stream itself! Some of the most familiar shoutouts are to HOTSHOT’s Timoteo (Moongyu), VIXX’s Ravi (Wonsik), and SHINee’s Taemin!


2. “Right now I’m in (insert foreign country name). The weather is nice!” — Suho

Mr. Global, Suho is often traveling to places far and wide and being the best bunny leader ever, he always surprises fans with a livestream while he’s there! Of course, this means that it’s almost a guarantee that he’ll say these words too!

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3.  “If you’re sleepy, you can just sleep.” — Chanyeol

Chanyeol loves to go live late at night but he almost always reminds fans that it’s A-okay to go to sleep if they’re sleepy! In fact, he says this so often that fans have lost count of how many times he’s actually said it!


4. “Everyone, I’m on my way home from lessons!” — Baekhyun

Baekhyun is always on the go and whether it’s in a vlog or a livestream, Baekhyun is always going or coming back from something. So it’s no surprise to fans at all anymore when Baekhyun utters these words during his live!


5. “My phone is running out of battery.” — Kai

Besides giving shoutouts to his friends, Kai is notorious for starting a live on a low battery so it’s pretty normal for Kai to utter this phrase during his broadcast too!


6. “This broadcast is to ask you guys to sleep.” — Chanyeol

Our favorite night owl strikes again! EXO-Ls have also noticed that, if Chanyeol isn’t telling fans to sleep if they’re sleepy, then he’s doing a broadcast just to tell fans to get some sweet shuteye!


7. “Vivi-ya, Vivi come here, oho, Vivi-ya, Vivi-ya look here, Vivi paw, Vivi-ya sit, Vivi~” — Sehun

Sehun’s love of his cute puppy, Vivi, is definitely showcased in every single one of his livestreams! In fact, many fans have even joked that when Sehun holds a livestream it’s actually Vivi that’s going live!

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Source: Instiz