Here’s What Type Of Man Each Red Velvet Member Is Attracted To

These girls have a pretty specific type!

1. Irene

The group’s stunning visual is attracted to gentlemen. Irene has said on numerous occasions that she doesn’t care about looks but does care about a person’s heart. She has also said that she would like someone that has a lot in common with her.


EXO‘s D.O is known for his gentlemanly behavior and is an introvert just like Irene. Someone with a similar personality could fit Irene’s ideal type.


She may also be attracted to someone who is like VIXX‘s Leo. Since Leo is also shy but can be playful once he gets to know someone, just like Irene’s own personality, Irene may be attracted to a man who possess similar qualities.


2. Seulgi

According to Seulgi, her ideal type is always changing but she tends to go prefer someone who is cute when they laugh and someone that she will be comfortable talking with.


While this description could fit a number of people, Seulgi was able to name two actors as her ideal type. She said that both Jo Jung Suk and Ji Sung fit with her ideal type.


She has said that she fell in love with the characters they play in some of the dramas she’s watched, so a man with similar traits to these leading men and their on-screen personas may fit with Seulgi’s preferences.


3. Joy

Joy has admitted that she has no experience with boys but she does have an ideal type.


She prefers someone who is sexy and has named  rock singer Park Wan Kyu as her ideal man thanks to a sexy performance he gave in the past. She has also said she looks for someone who is really dependable, matches her personality well, and someone that will only look at her. So someone who would be able to bring the sexy and match her other ideals, may be able to win her over.


4. Wendy

In the past Wendy revealed that her ideal type is someone who is considerate, has good manners, and smiles a lot. She’s also interested in men who are nice and caring.


Once BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon was spotted giving his jacket to a little girl and he has been known to show up to support fans at the hospital. Someone who is equally as considerate and caring as him could steal Wendy’s heart in the future.


5. Yeri

Yeri has a whole list of different qualities she looks for in a guy. A few of these qualities include a great memory, a gentle and cautious personality, and kindness.


She also named Jo In Sung as her ideal man, so a man with similar qualities to the famous actor may be able to win her heart.

Source: Asia Today and EDaily

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