Here Are 12 Must-Have Essentials BLACKPINK’s Jennie Can’t Live Without

Are you curious?

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie recently posted a new video on her YouTube channel Jennierubyjane Official where she took fans through some of her everyday essentials!

From hair products to art supplies, she explained why each item was so important and even gave a quick tutorial for some of them. Here is a look at the 12 everyday essentials that Jennie can’t live without!

1. Hair scrunchies

With hair as amazing as Jennie’s, there will always come a time when it might get in the way. As expected, they’re not just any scrunchies but in cute colors and styles.

2. Mini hairbrush

Jennie explained that because she has her hair cut a lot, she always carries a brush in case she needs to comb it. Because of the size, she can always take it everywhere, no matter the occasion.

3. Black hairband

Although simple, it is Jennie’s favorite hairband and allows fans to see her stunning visuals.

4. Disney hairclips

Everyone needs a bit of Disney in their lives and is it any surprise that some of Jennie’s essential items are two hairclips with Donald Duck and Daisy Duck. Whether it is for practical reasons or to add some magic to your life, they are so cute!

5. Zen ring

Next up is an item that Jennie has shown fans on several occasions, and it a zen ring! Jennie explained that she carries it everywhere and uses it to massage her aching joints after grueling schedules.

6. Fluffy sleeping socks

For Jennie, wearing socks is very important, and she even added that she wears them every day of the year. The fact that they’re pink and fluffy makes them even cuter.

7. Mini statue scissors holder

The next item was a little less obvious and seemed like a cute little statue. Jennie then revealed a scissors holder that she keeps by her door to use whenever she gets mail.

8. An assortment of stickers

Jennie actually has three bags of stickers that she has collected over the years, but she only brought one to show fans. She uses them to customize her friends’ phones and to channel her inner child, saying, “I guess that teenage heart is still within me.”

9. Make-up and jewelry pouch

Jennie uses the adorably cute and bright pouches to carry all of her accessories and make-up around with her. With her jewelry, make-up, and a mirror, the size of the pouch makes it perfect for taking anywhere.

10. Water crystal

Jennie’s water crystal is one of her favorite items, and she explained how hard it was to find this product. She puts the crystal on her palm, and it helps her fall into deep thoughts like a ritual.

11. Camera

The next item was a camera that Jennie’s fan gifted to her, and that’s what makes it extremely special. Although it is quite big and heavy, which makes it harder to carry around, Jennie loves going out and taking pictures.

12. A painting

Although she seemed a bit embarrassed to show it at first because drawing is something she rarely does, the last item Jennie showed fans was a painting that she did herself. With paint and color spray, the piece does not have a title, but she asked fans to tell her their ideas in the comments.

Source: Jennierubyjane Official