Everyone Should Be Dressing Like BLACKPINK Lisa, Here’s Proof (10+ Photos)

See what BLACKPINK Lisa’s flawless fashionable style; sexy, chic, and cute are made of!

1. Leopard Print Coat- Shrimps

2. Toni Page Boy Hat – Valfré, Chouette Short Cardigan – Lucky Chouette


3. Tie Dyed Elephant Shirt – Moschino


4. Tartan Checked Blouson – NONA9ON


5. Cold Shoulder Blouse – H&M


6. Love Me Forever Hoodie – Saint Laurent


7. The Alexandra, Star Struck – Realisation


8. T-Shirts Russian Green Hoodie – acme de la vie


9. Classic Black And Red Flame Shirt – Saint Laurent


10. Printed Dress – Bella


Source: KStyleFiles