Everyone Thinks These 5 Male Idols Have The Most Unique Singing Voices In K-Pop

K-Pop is filled with extremely talented Idols with unique skills, and here are some idols with beautifully unique voices in K-Pop!

1. SHINee Onew

Onew’s voice is arguably one of the most unique and striking voices in K-pop.

Deep, powerful and full of soul, Onew’s voice can make anybody fall in love.

His cover of the Japanese song “Rainy Blue” had people in tears, and his powerful “Nessun Dorma” left them in awe.


2. Zion.T

Zion. T has a strong sense of control over his voice, delivering a perfect pitch.

With his signature harmonization (which he achieves by layering his own voice!), he creates a masterpiece.

His flow also keeps anybody listening asking for more!

3. G.O.D’s Kim Tae Woo

Kim Tae Woo’s voice seems to always be full of emotion, moving the soul of any listener.

His voice also seems to always be clear and controlled, with perfect control of pitch and tone. 

4. F.T. ISLAND’s Lee Hong Gi

Lee Hong Gi has gained recognition for his strong and extremely powerful voice.

Deep and husky, his voice is not often found in the industry, leaving all who cross his path smitten.


With a voice like honey, sweetly flowing from one tone to the other, captivating the heart of any listener, DEAN definitely wins a spot on the list. 

Intense and mesmerizing, his singing voice is definitely not something to challenge.