Everything You Need To Know About JUST B, The First Group From Bluedot Entertainment

It’s time to stan a new group of stars!

JUST B is on their way! This boy group will be the first group under Bluedot Entertainment and will be debuting in just a few weeks on June 30. This was announced via Twitter with a cryptic message.

It is the words “Just Burn” written in sand or ash and is the meaning behind the group’s name. The “B” in JUST B stands for “Burn,” symbolizing their determination to work endlessly with a burning passion.

Here’s a little more about all 6 members!

Note: Positions may change upon debut.

1. Geonu

20-year-old Geonu is expected to be a Lead Vocalist and perhaps even the Leader as he is the oldest of the group. Born as Lee Geon Woo on February 2, 2001, Geonu gained fame as a contestant on I-LAND last year.

| @justb_ig_official/Instagram

Geonu reached the top 12 on the show but was unfortunately eliminated in episode 8 or part 2. He has been training for 1 year and 4 months and would describe himself as a soft ENTP type.

| @geonu___/Twitter

2. Bain

20-year-old Bain is expected to become the Lead Dancer and a possible Lead Vocalist. Born as Song Byeong Hee on May 4, 2001, Bain first appeared as a contestant on the Performance Team on Under Nineteen in 2018.

| @justb_ig_official/Instagram

He has been training for 2 years and 3 months, beginning as a Loen Entertainment trainee in 2016. Bain is quadrilingual as he can speak Korean, English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. He adorably hates all things spicy, mustard-y, or painful. He loves pizza, sleeping, and cute things.

| @JUSTB_twt/Twitter

3. Lim Jimin

20-year-old Lim Jimin is thought to become the group’s visual, center, lead dancer, and lead vocalist! Born with the same name (Lim Ji Min) on May 22, 2001, he first got his start competing on The Fan in 2018, placing third.

| @justb_ig_official/Instagram

He began training back in January of 2017 and has many friends that have already debuted, such as TXT‘s BeomgyuStray KidsI.N, THE BOYZ‘s NewYuehua Project‘s Lee Eui Woong, and TRCNG‘s Hohyeon. Lim Jimin is also already a solo artist, as he had released music back in 2019.

| @JUSTB_twt/Twitter

4. JM

19-year-old JM is expected to become one of the Sub-Vocalists! Born as Chu Ji Min on October 11, 2001, he appeared on the competition show I-LAND but was unfortunately eliminated in the first episode.

| @justb_ig_official/Instagram

Before I-LAND, JM had trained for just 11 months. He loves running and telling jokes, believing that he is quite charming. He would define himself as an adaptable ENFP type.

| @JUSTB_twt/Twitter

5. DY

19-year-old DY is thought to become the Main Dancer and Main Rapper. However, he could also become a Vocalist or Visual. Born as Jeon Do Yum on February 21, 2002, DY had actually already debuted once before! Once a C9 Entertainment trainee, DY placed first on Under Nineteen and joined the group 1THE9 as Doyum.

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His specialties are urban dance and acrobatics, and he decided to become a singer when he saw BTS‘s “I Need U.” He loves meat, baggy clothes, Winter, and has a heart-shaped mole on his neck.

| @JUSTB_twt/Twitter

6. Sangwoo

18-year-old Sangwoo is, of course, the Maknae but is also thought to become one of the Main Dancers. Born as Kim Sang Woo on September 3, 2002, he is the only member not to have appeared on a competition show.

| @justb_ig_official/Instagram

He is from Jeju Island and loves swimming and being near the water. He hopes JUST B can become a humble, developing, and skillful group.

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