Sehun’s Growth Through The Years From His Stage With BoA

Sehun has danced with BoA to her legendary song “Only One” for years now and the growing improvement in his dancing has definitely been noticeable.

Take a look at how EXO‘s maknae has grown up through the years through his dance performances with SM Entertainment‘s queen. 2012

BoA released “Only One” in 2012 and featured several different dancers, including Sehun who was only 18 years old at the time.


Sehun quickly became a fan favorite for BoA’s dance partner and continued to perform with her.


BoA still continued to perform the song with different artists, but Sehun was featured in the performance once again.


Sehun got even taller in 2015, with the height gap between the two becoming more noticeable during their performance.


And now as a fully grown 23-year-old, Sehun performed “Only One” with BoA one more time during the SMTOWN VI Concert in Seoul.