10 Hilarious “Evil TWICE Be Like” Memes You Need To See

#5 is pretty wholesome!

The viral “evil” memes are the gifts that just keep on giving, and ONCEs are getting in on all the fun by creating their own “evil TWICE be like” memes!

TWICE | @purpletwts/Twitter

To create “evil” memes, fans turn photos of their favorite artists into negative images and write the total opposite of their song titles or iconic lines from their songs on the image.

One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” turns into “What Makes You Ugly” in the evil meme format | @zainismysvn/Twitter

Here are 10 of ONCE’s most hilarious “evil TWICE be like” memes!

1. From “The Feels” to “The Hate”

Boy I, boy I, boy I know, I know you got the hate!

| B4RCODE2/Reddit

2. From “Feel Special” to “Feel Ordinary”

Definitely not as catchy of a title as “Feel Special!”

| @thurilluwalk/Twitter

3. From “Cheer Up” to “Cheer Down”

Cheer down baby, cheer down baby!

| @seokblossoms/Twitter

4. From “Happy Happy” to “Angry Angry”

I don’t know about you, but I’d hate to find out someone wrote a love song called “Angry Angry” about me.

| hollybanda/Reddit

5. From “Cry for Me” to “Smile for Me”

This is probably the most wholesome version of the “evil” meme ever.

| TheMagician0116/Reddit

6. From “shy shy shy” to “not shy”

What do you think of this “Cheer Down” era Sana?

| Fionaandcake360/Reddit

7. From “I’m Gonna Be a Star” to “I’m Not Gonna Be a Star”

“I’m Gonna Be a Star” is definitely a more accurate representation of the trajectory of TWICE’s career!

| Pierino_Autobus/Reddit

8. From “More and More” to “Less and Less”

You’re gonna say less, less, less, less, less, and less.

| tech_is_amaze/Reddit

9. From Taste of Love to Taste of Hate

I guess the title track would be “Alcohol?”

| Troy204599/Reddit

10. From “me likey me likey likey likey” to “me hatey me hatey hatey hatey”

Honestly, we’d love to hear how the rest of “Hatey” goes.

| CaudilloBastian/Reddit