The Evolution Of BTS’s J-Hope Shown In 10 Photos

He’s grown so much, and we couldn’t be more proud! 💜

It’s BTS J-Hope‘s birthday, and ARMYs couldn’t be more proud of the talented, creative, kind, handsome, and hilarious man he’s become!

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Here are 10 pictures that show the evolution of J-Hope over the years in honor of his birthday!

1. He’s always been so adorable

J-Hope has always been a cutie! This childhood photo proves that he’s been adorable his entire life.

2. School days

Do you think he had any idea that he would grow up to be a global superstar?

3. He’s always been a hard worker

We’re so glad J-Hope followed his passion for dance and became a trainee! While he’s always been talented, he worked hard to refine his talents during his trainee period to become the J-Hope we know and love today.

4. He performed like a total pro even when he first debuted

When BTS debuted with “No More Dream,” J-Hope already looked like a total pro on stage! He has natural charisma that draws people in and makes him a truly exciting performer to watch.

5. “I Need U” showed a different side of him

J-Hope has always been BTS’s sunshine! With “I Need U,” he was able to show a different side of himself and prove that he could express even the most difficult emotions on stage.

6. Wings era J-Hope was unreal

This was a great era! With this album, BTS expanded their global reach, and J-Hope’s charisma, dance moves, and personality won him tons of fans all over the world. Plus, who can forget “Intro: Boy Meets Evil?” With this intro track, J-Hope was able to fully showcase his rap and his dance.

7. Talented soloist

J-Hope proved once and for all how talented of an artist he is with his mixtape Hope World. He put in lots of hard work on the album, and his hard work definitely paid off! ARMYs still can’t get enough of this mixtape even though it’s been nearly 4 years since it was released.

8. From trainee to mentor

J-Hope personally taught trainees on the survival show Under 19 the choreography to “Fake Love.” As a former trainee himself, he understood the struggles the trainees faced, and he knew exactly how to help them put on a great performance. Clearly, J-Hope is not only a great performer himself, but he knows how to teach others how to become the best performers they can be, too!

9. K-Pop legend

By now, J-Hope has proven he’s a legend a million times over! Younger idols admire him and aspire to be like him, and he inspires ARMYs to do their best every single day.

10. Instagram king

J-Hope opened his personal Instagram account in December, and he’s already blessed his followers with tons of content! He carefully curates his posts and shares glimpses of his everyday life with ARMY on a regular basis, which proves just how much he loves connecting with his fans in new ways!