The Evolution Of BTS’s V Shown In 10 Photos

He’s grown so much, and we couldn’t be more proud! 💜

It’s BTS V‘s birthday, and ARMYs couldn’t be more proud of the talented, artistic, handsome, hilarious, and smart man he’s become!

BTS’s V | BTS/Weverse

Here are 10 pictures that show the evolution of V over the years in honor of his birthday!

1. He’s always been adorable

V’s visuals and charming personality quickly captured ARMYs’ hearts. From the looks of this baby picture, he’s been adorable his entire life. He was such a cute kid!

2. School days

Do you think younger V had any idea he would grow up to be a superstar?

3. He worked hard to reach his dream

V had no intention of auditioning for BigHit Music, but thank goodness he did! V worked hard to improve upon his natural talents as a trainee, which helped mold him into the superstar we know him as today.

4. He seemed like a pro even as a rookie

When BTS debuted with “No More Dream,” V already performed like he’d been an idol for years! His voice, dance moves, stage presence, and facial expressions were absolutely perfect every time he took the stage.

5. “I Need U” changed everything

BTS got their first win with “I Need U!” With this song, V and the other members showed just how emotional their music could be. V poured his emotions into every performance, which proved just how great of a performer he is.

6. His acting debut

V showed that he’s just as great at acting as he is at performing on stage in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth! As Han Sung, V proved he’s a versatile actor as he tackled funny and heartbreaking scenes.

7. Exploring his artistic side

V is the definition of multi-talented! He loves painting and drawing to express his creativity, and we love seeing his creations!

8. Talented solo artist

V has put out great solo songs over the years! He’s put out solo tracks on BTS’s albums, like “Stigma,” “Singularity,” and “Inner Child.” He’s also put out non-album tracks like “Scenery,” “Winter Bear,” and “Snow Flower.” He’s also got great OSTs like “Sweet Night,” “Christmas Tree,” and his duet with Jin “It’s Gonna Be You.” Whether he’s working with BTS or alone, he’s a truly great musician.

9. K-Pop legend

By now, V is a K-Pop legend! Rookie idols study him as a model of stage presence, and he’s recognized globally for all his talents.

10. Diplomat

V, along with the rest of BTS, has achieved so much! The entire group is recognized for their global impact and for the changes they can influence others to make. They’ve even become diplomats, which is proof of how far they’ve come!