7 K-Pop Idols Who Have Come An Incredibly Long Way Since Their First Tweet

The reactions of the first tweets from these idol accounts compared to their most recent tweets show how much they’ve grown as artists throughout the years.

1. BTS’s Twitter

In addition to the group’s official account, BTS has a separate account that all seven members use to communicate with their fans. Their first tweet was posted on December 2012, 6 months before their debut. Since they hadn’t yet debuted, they were able to connect with interested fans by replying to their comments.

“Wassup! We are BTS. We are finally opening the official BTS Twitter account ~ CLAP CLAP CLAP! We will upload the most unimaginable, fun stuff until our debut!”

— BTS’s first tweet

After 5 years of uploading great content for fans, BTS ended up getting nominated and winning the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards

Since many ARMYs were interested in BTS’s first tweet, it has garnered over 20 000 likes and retweets. This might sound like a high number, but that’s nothing compared to their most recent tweet, which has already accrued over 500 000 likes and over 200 000 retweets.

2. G-Dragon’s Twitter

6 years after his debut, in July of 2012, G-Dragon finally made his own Twitter account. His first tweet was actually a reply to a YG Entertainment producer/songwriter who had tagged him first and welcomed him to the Twitter world. G-Dragon seemed both nervous and excited as he replied with, “yo now i’m doin this.OMG.”

Throughout the years, he has been producing music, promoting with BIGBANG, working on his solo career, and doing a whole bunch of collaborations with other artists. The success of G-Dragon’s most recent album, Kwon Ji Yong, showed just how far he has made it as an artist. Although he has been posting on Instagram more than Twitter, he still gets a lot of response from fans by tweeting his Instagram posts.

G-Dragon’s first tweet got over 2 000 likes and about 3 000 retweets as compared to his most recent tweet which has received over 20 000 likes and 3 000 retweets.

3. CL’s Twitter

Five years after debuting with 2NE1, CL created a Twitter account to communicate with fans in October 2014. The first thing she did was to give a shoutout to all her fans!

For the past three years, many things happened and CL officially made her American solo debut. Since then, even more international celebrities got to know her and about K-Pop.

CL’s first post got almost 23 000 likes and 24 000 retweets. One of her latest posts received over 31 000 likes and 12 000, an impressive feat considering 2NE1’s disbandment.

4. Super Junior’s Siwon’s Twitter

5 years after debuting, Siwon created his own Twitter account on March 2010. In his first tweet, he greeted everyone and thanked his family for all their love and support. Siwon also made a promise to “work hard to be the Choi Siwon who presents himself well.”

Little did he know that he was going to become one of the first Korean celebrities to reach 1 million followers on Twitter. In addition to acting and singing, Siwon goes out of his way to make the world a better place. He also tweets and retweets inspirational quotes and bible verses which are always healing.

Siwon’s first tweet got about 300 likes and 300 retweets. His lastest tweet, on the other hand, received over 11 000 likes and 6 000 retweets.

5. Suzy’s Twitter

A month after debuting with miss A, Suzy created her account in August 2010. Right after Min made her account, Suzy made her own and tweeted with excitement that she wanted to try to start using Twitter too. 

Starting from her role in Architecture 101 and kicking off with Dream High, Suzy gradually started to gain more attention for her pure looks! After 7 years of juggling her schedules as a singer and an actress, Suzy has become a Hallyu icon!

Her first tweet got 97 likes and 80 retweets in total. By contrast, Suzy’s most recent tweet garnered over 14 000 likes and 4 000 retweets! 

6. f(x)’s Amber’s Twitter

Amber tweeted her first tweet when she asked the former member of RaNia, Tae Eun, for help using Twitter. She made her account 3 years after f(x)’s debut, in July 2012. It didn’t take her too long to get the hang of it, as she became more active on Twitter as time passed.

From funny tweets to inspiring ones, Amber has posted them all. It’s difficult to not love someone as genuine and friendly as her! As Amber took on some projects of her own aside from her activities with f(x), she began to reach out to fans with her YouTube channel “What The Pineapple” and her own music!

Her first tweet got 53 likes and 66 retweets and her most recent tweet garnered 14 000 likes and about 5 000 retweets.

7. DAY6’s Jae’s Twitter

The great hashtag king started his legendary tweets in August 2015, a bit before DAY6’s debut. Unlike most of his iconic tweets, Jae decided to keep his first tweet nice and simple with just a “Hola.”

Since then, he has been tweeting and replying with some of the wittiest and relatable tweets anyone could ever imagine. Although he went on hiatus for a while, this past year he came back on Twitter and captured the attention of many with his chill personality.

Jae’s first tweet got over 1 000 likes and about 900 retweets. One of his most recent tweets, on the other hand, has received over 13 000 likes and almost 3 000 retweets.