15 Times EXO Made Everyone Laugh Because Of Their Antics At Award Shows

EXO always manages to put a smile on people’s faces.

Award shows always leave fans with amazing performances and long-awaited interactions between groups, but they’re also the source of some of the funniest moments in K-Pop. Having won 178 awards, EXO are no strangers to award shows, and even on national TV, they’ve never shied away from being themselves. These 15 iconic and hilarious moments are proof that no matter where they are, EXO brightens the place up.

1. The ghosts are telling Kai that EXO will forever be legendary.

2. When you forget you’re going on a world tour and made plans to chill at home.

3. EXO showers D.O. with love in the most dramatic of ways.

4. There’s no better hypeman than Baekhyun.

5. Suho is Red Velvet‘s biggest supporter.

6. Teasing D.O. is EXO’s way of showing their love to him.

7. Sometimes you’re so happy, you just gotta yell.


That’s the speech y’all! πŸ˜‚ #EXO #Kyungsoo #Jongdae

♬ original sound – mlnpdll

8. Award shows need an open snack bar stat.

9. Their confusion is priceless.

10. His superpower might be pyrokinesis, but Chanyeol can’t help but be frightened by BTS‘s “Fire.”

11. His expression screams, “Are you seeing this?”


The camera man probably wanted a reaction #exo #chanyeol #kpopstan #kpoper #kpopfyp #kpop #kpopawards #fyp #VideoSnapChallenge

♬ Yours (feat. LeeHi, CHANGMO) – Raiden & CHANYEOL

12. The way Chen stares into the camera makes it even better.

13. At this point, it’d be weirder for Baekhyun not to do something like this at an award show.

14. When vocal kings try to imitate vocal queens.

15. There’s truly never a dull moment with EXO.