Someone Gave EXO’s Baby Pictures An HD Makeover And They’re Exactly What You Need In Your Life

So cute!

Is there anything cuter than seeing your favorite idols’ baby pictures? There’s absolutely no denying that seeing baby pictures of your bias is one of the best things ever and someone (or multiple someones) have been making the experience even better for their fellow EXO-Ls. Recently EXO‘s baby pictures have gotten an HD makeover and these photos are guaranteed to make your day that much better. So without further ado, here are some of those adorable photos to make your heart feel all soft and warm!


1. Suho


2. Xiumin


3. Lay


4. Chen


5. Chanyeol


6. D.O.


7. Baekhyun


8. Kai


9. Sehun


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