10+ Of EXO Baekhyun’s Most Dazzling Makeup Looks That Took His Visuals To The Next Level

Eyeshadow really brings out Baekhyun’s gorgeous eyes.

The EXO members have some of the best makeup looks in the boy group game, and Baekhyun is no exception. His visuals are already something to marvel at, but it’s impressive how these 12 makeup looks made him look even more dazzling.

1. This flaming orange makeup look

The combination of red-orange tones on the outer corners of Baekhyun’s eyes and yellow-orange towards the center created a look reminiscent of fire.

2. This truly dark makeup look

With those trailing black eyeliner streaks, this makeup look would be perfect for a horror movie. The muted red on the outer edges is reminiscent of blood, enhancing this dark eyeshadow even further.

3. This golden boy makeup look

The golden yellow eyeshadow tones here are amplified by the use of highlighter, and the whole color scheme complements the photoshoot’s blue tone perfectly.

4. This stark red eyeliner look

This purple-red smokey eye would’ve looked great on its own, but the red eyeliner painting Baekhyun’s lower lid adds another edge.

5. This smokey eye look

You can’t go wrong with a classic smokey eye, as Baekhyun proves here. The monochrome eyeshadow went perfectly with his white and black outfit.

6. This teardrop effect look

Everything about this makeup look was mesmerising. The lavender eyeshadow gave Baekhyun ethereal vibes, and the blue streak of highlight over his eye looked like like a teardrop.

7. This pink look

What’s better than pink-haired Baekhyun? Pink-haired Baekhyun with pink eyeshadow to match.

8. This solid red look

Unlike most of Baekhyun’s makeup looks, which involve eyeshadow gradients, the tones used here were more solid, emphasizing his double eyelids.

9. This royal purple look

Combining shades of purple with sparkly highlighter, this makeup look was one of Baekhyun’s most regal and majestic to date.

10. This clashing colors look

Typically, makeup artists may avoid using such a pink-hued eyeshadow on an artist with orange-red hair to avoid clashing. Here, however, it works perfectly.

11. This silver prince look

Instead of blending multiple colors here, Baekhyun’s makeup artist blended dark red eyeshadow with a more transparent silvery highlight for a princely look.

12. This crazed red look

Last but not least, who could forget this red eyeshadow? It brought a crazed look to Baekhyun’s eyes, fitting the concept perfectly.