From Inflatable Dolls to Drone Shows, Fans Are Going All Out for EXO Baekhyun’s Birthday

Baekhyun’s birthday is a national holiday.

EXO Baekhyun‘sย birthday is coming up, and his fans have gone all out to celebrate. EXO-Ls have always been extravagant with their love for Baekhyun, and here are some of the biggest (and cutest) projects fans have made for Baekhyun’s birthday this year, as well as an honorable mention from 2020.

1. Baekhyun Doll 2022

Baekhyun’s birthday is just around the corner this year, and the ever devoted Chinese fan site BAEKHYUNBAR has erected another inflatable doll of him, this time in Hongdae, a district of Seoul.

Paired with a giant screen playing his birthday ad, the birthday project draws attention from everyone, and it isn’t the only birthday event in Hongdae.

2. Birthday Cafes

A more common way fans celebrate their idols birthday, EXO-Ls have gone above and beyond to turn Baekhyun’s birthday celebration into a whole district event.

3. Cinema Ads

Baekhyun has also taken over the cinemas so no matter where you are in Korea, if you go to watch a movie, there’s a good chance you’ll see his birthday ad.

4. Drone And Firework Show

Perhaps the most ambitious of projects, Chinese fan site BBHKnight has organized both a drone show and a firework show commemorating Baekhyun’s birthday. Leave it to EXO-Ls to rival K-drama CEOs in terms of spoiling their loved ones.

5. Baekhyun Mascot 2020

As an honorable mention, we can’t talk about Baekhyun birthday events without remembering this 2020 project. Despite the pandemic, EXO-Ls got creative with how they’d celebrate Baekhyun’s birthday besides the usual subway and big screen ads. They came up with a Baekhyun mascot, equipped with a face mask, and the interactions that ensued between fans and the Baekhyun doll were the cutest. To whoever was in the mascot suit: thank you for your hard work and for gifting us with such beautiful memories.

Baekhyun himself was taken by the cuteness of his doll.


And while this video is from 2019, Baekhyun is always aware of what his fans are doing for him, and the happiness he gains from EXO-Ls is equal to the happiness he gives EXO-Ls. May we all continue to be happy together.


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