Just 18 Photos Of Baekhyun And His Cherry Blossom Pink Hair, Because Whoah

Here are just a few photos of Baekhyun just because!

Baekhyun swapped his electric orange for a cheerful cherry blossom pink during the second week of EXO‘s EXO Planet #5: EXplOration concerts. While fans loved the orange, they’re going crazy for the pink too and it’s really not a surprise why! So here are a few photos of the new pink just because!

1. Baekhyun surprised fans with this cheery pink on July 26…



2. And it immediately had fans gasping for breath!

baek 7


3. While the orange was definitely amazing…

baek 4

4. The pink was pure heaven

baek 18


5. Seriously, angelic and ethereal don’t even begin to describe Baekhyun!

baek 17

6. But the cherry blossom pink also brought some heat

baek 2


7. And Baekhyun was the flame

baek 3


8. That ignited everyone’s heart

baek 5

9. He definitely stole our hearts

baek 6


10. And we suspect he’s coming for your heart too

baek 10

11. That is, if he hasn’t already stolen it!

baek 11


12. His power is undeniable

baek 12


13. His heart-fluttering levels are off the charts

baek 13

14. And we can hardly take it!

baek 14


15. Scratch that…

baek 15

16. We can’t take it!

baek 16


17. Somebody help us…

baek 19


18. Baekhyun is just too much for our poor hearts to take!

baek 20

. . .