15 Times EXO’s Baekhyun Proved He Is The King Of Imitating Anyone And Anything

He just can’t help himself!

EXO‘s Baekhyun has an incredibly playful personality and sometimes this means he can get into a little bit of mischief, especially when that means he tries out his imitation game! He’s incredibly good at imitating everything from his members to motorcycles! So without further ado and in no particular order, here are a few times Baekhyun let his mischevious side out and proved he was the king of imitation.


1. When he busted out these sick moves to BTS’s “Boy In Luv”


2. Or when he made everyone laugh with his Chen impersonation


3. When he busted out Kai’s part of “Call Me Baby”


4. Or when he copied Suho’s style of eating

Suho’s reaction…


Was replayed by Baekhyun.


5. That time he tried out one of D.O.’s roles


6. And the time he, Lay, and D.O. decided to try their hand at imitation together


7. When he just couldn’t let Suho live

Suho’s rap style…


Got a second go around thanks to Baekhyun!


8. That time he was lying in wait so he could do this right behind Sehun


9. Or when he bugged the heck out of former member Tao


10. That time Suho’s speech got a reboot

Yeah, Baekhyun just really loves to imitate his leader.


Seriously, he really does!


11. When he imitated the translator much to the members’ satisfaction


12. And he even gave TWICE’s “TT” a go!


13. Who could forget when he impersonated Suho’s walk

And right after the leader did it too!


14. Or any of the moments he showed fans his iconic motorcycle imitation


15. Then there’s his imitation of Suho’s musical

He just can’t help himself!


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