7 Times EXO’s Baekhyun Was The King Of Openings

Just a few seconds was all it took for Baekhyun to steal all our hearts!

The opening line to a song is very important, especially since most people judge a song by the first few seconds they listen to. EXO has never had any problem hooking listeners. Not only are they’re songs a little slice of heaven for your ears but their openings are pretty darn killer! And when you see the openings live with the boys, well, you better prepare your heart! Baekhyun has had his fair share of opening moments and each time he has proven he truly is the king. So without further ado, here are a few times Baekhyun left us gasping for breath opening for EXO!


1. When he slayed “Overdose”

Someone call the doctor because we’re overdosing on Baekhyun’s awesomeness!


2. The time showed us some major love for “Love Me Right”

Take your time enjoying this one!


3. When he shimmy shimmied right into our hearts during “Ko Ko Bop”

He totally knows how to shimmy into all our hearts.


4. The time he grabbed our attention in “Hey MaMa!”

Business suits and Baekhyun opening? One word, “Wow!”


5. When he bloomed right before our eyes during “Blooming Days”

Just like a beautiful flower.


6. When he dominated “Monster”

“She got me going crazy?” More like Baekhyun’s got us going crazy!


7. And when he hit us all with his “Loveshot”

Straight through the heart…


Really, really hit us with that “Loveshot”!

And we’ve fallen head over heels for him!


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