Netizens Think These 15 Photos Of Baekhyun Show What He’s Like In Real Life

They think these photos best represent Baekhyun:

Netizens over on the Korean web portal, The Qoo, recently chose some photos of EXO‘s Baekhyun they believed represented what he looked like in reality thanks to his minimal styling! But whether or not Baekhyun has been styled or not, these photos prove that Baekhyun always looks amazing no matter if it’s on stage or off!


1. This sweet selca


2. And this casual Baekhyun


3. Baekhyun chilling with Mongryeong


4. This chill Baekhyun


5. And this smiling one!


6. Baekhyun keeping it comfy in a sweater


7. And a hoodie!


8. A be-spectacled Baekhyun


9. And a racing Baekhyun


10. Although every Baekhyun photo is Baekhyun in real life…


11. Netizens chose these photos…


12. Because they show a more everyday side to him!


13. But on or off stage…


14. There’s definitely no denying…


15. Baekhyun is amazing!

Source: The Qoo