18 Times EXO’s Baekhyun Just Had Really Bad Luck

Please be careful Baekhyun!

EXO‘s Baekyun can sing, dance, act, and has so many people who love him! You’d think that he’d be one lucky guy! Except, the fact is, sometimes his luck really isn’t good. Whether he’s on a losing streak or ends up in a bit of an accident, here are some moments where Baekhyun had really bad luck. Just, please be careful Baekhyun!


1. That time he was only trying to do the choreography

And then this happened! At least Kai made sure he was doing alright!


2. When he somehow got talked into a wrestling match of pure pain…


3. And then got laughed at because of his reaction


4. That time he was just minding his business and suddenly got a hand to the face


5. That time when even the chair and gravity were against him

Yep, Baekhyun really did fall out of his chair at the 2017 Seoul Music Awards.


6. When he was trying to be cool but his fingers just couldn’t take it

Well, he did do a whole bunch of one-fingered push-ups…it’s just that his fingers weren’t too happy about it!


7. That time he was just sitting down and lost


8. Or when it was all fun and games until he got a toy in the face


9. When his members decided he needed a little extra mud

Baekhyun was just minding his own business.


10. The time he was just trying to be cute

And then he threw out his back!


11. When he wanted to climb the rope

But nope!


12. That time he accidentally started the music

He really didn’t mean to, but he rolled with it!


13. And when even his new friend was against him


14. The infamous “Tao”kedown


15. And the mic of doom


16. His members strike again



17. But then again Baekhyun is sometimes his own worst enemy too


18. And sometimes he gets a double dose of punishment

Like the time he lost at billiards to Chen and Xiumin so he didn’t get to eat the food and then had to go through with this punishment.