12 Times BTS And EXO Proved They’re Actually Closer Than Fans Thought

Nothing’s stronger than the bond between EXO and BTS!

1. When Baekhyun and V danced perfectly together.


2. When Baekhyun and Jimin couldn’t stop smiling as they chatted along.



3. When Chanyeol, Suga, Baekhyun, and V were busy talking about everything and nothing.


4. When they were truly happy for each other’s wins!


5. When Jimin consulted Kai about some nice dance moves he thought of.


6. When Jimin, Suho, and Chanyeol took a stroll while waiting at ISAC.


7. When eagle-eyed fans caught this candid cute moment between Chanyeol and Suga.


8. When BTS absolutely nailed the choreography of EXO’s “Monster”.


9. When Suho and V couldn’t stop complimenting each other on their MAMA wins.


10. When EXO made a surprise mini-collab with BTS on their performance.


11. When Baekhyun and V telepathically knew exactly what to do during PSY’s speech.


12. …and then dance all together!