15 Times EXO’s Chanyeol Bias Wrecked Us All

Wrecking everyone’s bias list from day 1.

Every K-Pop fan has their bias in a group but there are always other members who are so charming, relatable, and wonderful, it simply seems like they’re trying to wreck your bias list at every turn! While every member of EXO is constantly fighting to wreck our bias list, here are just a few times when EXO’s Chanyeol was out to bias wreck us all!


1. First the obvious, anytime he showed off his toned body


2. And gave us a glimpse of his heartwarming smile


3. Then there was that time Chanyeol interviewed…himself

Only Chanyeol could interview Chanyeol!


4. Or when he talked a fan into going on a “date” with him by bringing Sehun along


5. When he’s willing to shrink for his members

My heart!


6. Or his adorable interactions with his hyung


7. Then there was the heartbreakingly cute time he put a bandage on


8. Or the time he was relatable AF in the grocery store

Admit it, we’ve all ridden the carts like this at some point!


9. When he made us smile when he was with kids


10. And any time he’s together with puppies

So much uwu!


11. Since we all know Chanyeol’s got amazing instrument skills, how about that time he played those mini-drums?


12. That time he chased the chicken


13. Or when he tucked in the Baekhyun

Alright, so it’s a cardboard cutout but still!


14. When he got this excited hula hooping


15. And of course, when he made everyone laugh with his red carpet theatrics