Chanyeol Debuted A New Silver Hair Color And It’s So Bad For Our Hearts

How can he be so bad and yet so good for our hearts?

Not too long ago, EXO‘s Chanyeol stole our hearts with his orange hair and now he’s making it tough for us once again with his brand new silver hair. Debuting the new look at the Acqua Di Parma product launch event, some fans have guessed that the frosty locks may have something to do with possible subunit activities. Regardless of what the new look is for, all we can say is it’s so amazing it’s bad for our hearts. So without further ado, here are some photos of his new silver hair to make your heart go wild!


1. This color is brilliant


2. It’s pure stardust…


3. And moonlight


4. It’s a little bit frosty…


5. But mixed with Chanyeol’s smile it’s oh so warm


6. We thought Chanyeol’s orange hair was magnificent


7. Well, so is this new color!


8. Honestly, is there any look Chanyeol can’t pull off?


9. We’d be surprised if there was!


10. Everything matches him so well…


11. And this new silver is no exception


12. Chanyeol has definitely captured our hearts once again


13. We seriously can’t get enough!


14. While it’s a mystery as to how long Chanyeol will keep this starlight color…


15. We hope it will stick around for a while


16. The orange didn’t last nearly long enough and we already want to see even more photos with this lovely color!


17. Chanyeol really is so good and yet so bad for our hearts!