20+ Times EXO’s Chanyeol Proved To Be The Photobomb Master

Photobomb level Chanyeol:

EXO‘s Chanyeol once admitted that he doesn’t just like taking pictures, he likes being in them! Over the years, fans have noticed that he has a real knack for knowing exactly when someone is taking a picture and the exact moment to sneak into the frame to be captured! Whether he accidentally photobombs someone or does it on purpose, his photobombing skills have become legendary and he’s proven he’s truly the master of the photobomb!


1. When Girls’ Generation just wanted a nice photo together


2. When he snuck up on Suho and Sehun


3. That time he just knew he was going to be perfectly framed in the photo


4. When he slyly slid behind his members


5. And the time he timed his bicycle ride just perfectly

Even during a moving video for a CF, Chanyeol’s skills were still perfect!


6. He crept up behind former members Tao and Kris


7. That time he totally caught the camera’s “eye”

When you think you’re just getting a photo of Sehun…and then you realize Chanyeol knew!


8. That time he showed up in Kai’s shot

Direct eye contact with the camera no less!


9. That time he noticed a photograph was going to be taken and just couldn’t help himself


10. And the time he jumped into the shot


11. When he slipped into Baekhyun’s selca


12. And even showed up in someone’s group shot

Chanyeol doesn’t just photobomb his members.


13. When he just so happened to need “wifi” while Sehun and Kris were giving an interview

Sure Chanyeol, you were just trying to find a wifi signal.


14. When he popped out from behind D.O.


15. And made sure he was seen in this group photo


16. That time he just totally went for it


17. And the time that even D.O. was amused by his photobombing skills


18. That time that he just totally knew he was going to be on camera


19. And the time that he didn’t but still stole the show!


20. When he got in on some fan photos


21. Even a video…

Seriously, how does he know?


22. When he snuck up behind ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo

Fun fact: This might not be a photobomb at all. Some fans have said that Chanyeol, Eunwoo, and the fan had all taken pictures together.


23. And, of course, the most epic photobomb in the history of photobombs


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