If EXO Were Disney Animals

If EXO were the Disney animal characters, they would’ve come from these classic films.

Sehun – Mushu from Mulan 

Like Mushu, Sehun is quite mischievous and occasionally has that one smirk on his face that no one will ever know why he’s smirking. They both have similar characteristics such as being sassy, charismatic, comical, ambitious, and loyal.

Kai – Winne the Pooh from Winnie the Pooh

A nickname Kai received from fans is “Nini Bear,” so a bear character would be a perfect fit for him. Like Pooh, he is kind-hearted, quiet, thoughtful, honest, and enjoys sleeping!

Chanyeol – Dumbo from Dumbo

Just like Dumbo, Chanyeol has big adorable ears, bright eyes, and always has a smile on his face. They both are innocent, playful, sweet, sensitive, friendly, and tend to get easily scared.

Baekhyun – Thumper from Bambi

The talkative Thumper and Baekhyun have bright and fun personalities with a touch of mischievousness. Although they both can be blunt and sassy sometimes, they have good intentions in what they say or do as they hope for the best for those that surround them.

D.O. – Stitch from Lilo & Stitch

Stitch and D.O. could be seen as intimidating sometimes, but in reality, they are just awkward fluff balls. They both can easily get upset at times, are adorable, observant (even though they might have a blank expression on their face), and lovable.

Chen – Tod from The Fox and the Hound

Just like Tod, Chen has been known to be very cunning and a genuinely warm person. They both are very gentle, sweet, and value their relationships with others more than anything.

Lay – Dory from Finding Nemo

Both Dory and Lay are two pure and innocent beings that must be protected at all costs. They both can be forgetful at times, fun, good-natured, sympathetic, patient, selfless, and optimistic.

Suho – Sebastian from The Little Mermaid 

Just like how Sebastian cared for Ariel, Suho cares for his fellow EXO members deeply like a protective mom. They are both similar in the sense that they are both loyal, sacrificial, sensitive, compassionate, anxious, responsible, and knowledgeable.

Xiumin – Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio

As the eldest member of EXO, Xiumin is just like Jimney Cricket who watches over others while being quirky at the same time. They’re both wise, dependable, fun-loving, practical, paternal, has a sense of classiness, and supportive.